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The favourite place is one where you love to go, enjoy and get relax. The Favourite place can be type of natural, adventures, religious.


Interesting and Intriguing, India offers incredible holiday experiences through its cultural, topography, and wildlife diversity. With these amazing and unique experiences, this south Asian country conveniently finds its way into the world tourism map as one of the finest destinations for a holistic vacation.

India establishes its identity as the country of architectural masterpieces, making it an ideal travel destination to plan a heritage tour in the world. While Taj Mahal makes for the major draw on an India tour, there are a plethora of monuments 

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Travelling is an exciting experience to cherish for the rest of your life and at Global Yatra, we work 24/7 to ensure that you have the best ones. Most of us plan our vacations on the very last moment and often drop the idea only because of hefty cost of being late and at Global Yatra, we run an extra mile every day to transform your plans a real memory with years of experience from the travel industry and offer an extraordinary travel experience


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Global Yatra Uses A charter bus,, is a vehicle that is reserved for the private use of a group.


Taxi services means the carriage of passengers by road to the destination requested by the customer


Safety trip means a device for stopping the travel of rolls when the device is actuated in an emergency.

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